Name Relation to Laura Twitter Facebook Instagram LinkedIn
Laura Kitchens Herself
Jacob Taylor Ex-boyfriend
Eddie McVarish Friend living in NYC
Naomi Cooper Crush
Mel Delaney Best Friend
Amanda Fealey Room90 - HR
Simon Byrne Flatmate (Being Kicked Out)
Louise Manning Mum
Trevor Manning Step-dad
Jess Manning Half-Sister
Richard Hart Teacher & Slept with Laura
Claire Hart Wife of Richard
Owen Hughes Event promoter
Xavier Lucien DJ at event
Billy Bliss Films party
Star Grace on door of party
Hannah Zacek Work Colleague
Dom Fritch Work Colleague
Lucan Bahadir Boss / Co-Owner of Room90
Vik Hope Boss / Co-Owner of Room90
Connor Bassett Coffee shop worker
Lee Wise Room90 - Campaign manager
David Odantzis Security Guard at Work
Cat Peake Coffee shop worker
Francis Moxham Client
Sophie Page Intern at Francis' work
Bissett Delaney Client
Sabrina Bahadir Lucan's Wife
Hayley Temple Lawyer
Graham Young Work Colleague
Deena Rashid Work Colleague
Oladipo Yorke Work Colleague
Albi Network Stalker
James Howlett (Fake account)
Charlie Lancaster Talks to Jess (Fake account)
Mich Roland Joe's Boyfriend
Kenny Hare
Joe Scott Views flat on behalf on Mich
Henry D (Fake account)
Peter D (Fake account)
John Sexton possibly neighbour?
David Odantzis Security Guard at Work
Vanessa Di Luca Unknown, knows Dom and Owen
Nina Rawlings Naomi's ex
Zara McVish Eddie's partner
Julie Banks unknown, friend of Trevor Manning
Sian Brooks friend of Jess + Kelly
Paul Blundell Drug Dealer
Lisa Hikson old school friend
Kelly Hickson Lisa's younger sister
Chelios Tennis Coach
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