Eddie McVarish is an American man living in New York and is a close friend of Laura Kitchens. He uses Twitter , Instagram  and Facebook


Eddie McVarish

Eddie has a close family member, likely a young son, who was killed in a car accident in England. His would-be fifteenth birthday is the week following March 7. It is impled that this child died on or near his birthday, as Laura uses the word "anniversary" to refer to the tragedy. The child's grave is located in England. Eddie may have British parents, as he tells Laura during their Skype call that his mother was planning on bringing flowers to the grave. (05:51:00) As well as being a friend to Laura, Eddie may be a friend of Laura's family, as he knows a lot about Laura's teenage past, specifically Laura's affair with her teacher when she was 15. 

Laura may have visited Eddie in late January 2015. She tweets elluding to witnessing a snowstorm in New York on January 29 . Later tweets reveal that she is on a business trip.

Eddie is married to or in a relationship with Zara. He also seems to be acquainted with Naomi and Simon.

March 7Edit

Laura Skypes Eddie at 05:43 to share with him her fun night, as well as tell him about her possibly beginning a relationship with Naomi. 

Eddie claims at the beginning of he and Laura's Skype call that he was in the process of going to bed (05:43). Despite this claim, Eddie is apparently awake hours later, during which would be the middle of the night in New York. He speaks to Laura over the phone and immediately replies to her messages during the day of March 7. He chastizes her for tweeting negatively about Simon. (09:25:04)

Interestingly, Eddie tweets at Laura on March 7 , claiming he is in London and wanting to meet up. Eddie never mentions being in London during he and Laura's Skype call and in fact tells her he isn't going "back" to visit the child's grave. (05:52) Later tweets indicate this is likely Zara using Eddie's Twitter account.

Eddie has a contentious phone call with Zara while Laura listens uncomfortably during the Skype call. (05:47) Zara may be in England on March 7. Eddie explains the animosity of the phone call to Laura as Zara's not being able "to sleep on the flight." (05:48).

Quick FactsEdit

  • American
  • Has an apartment in New York
  • Is likely significantly older than Laura
  • Knows or believes that Laura's father is deceased
  • Seems to be protective of and worried about Laura
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